We, Cycle Against Suicide are fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Charities Regulator’s ‘Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public’, (hereafter referred to as the ‘Guidelines’). We commit to doing this by

Our privacy policy can be viewed by clicking on the link  Cycle Against Suicide Privacy Policy

We at Cycle Against Suicide have considered ‘The Guidelines’ and we believe we meet the standards it sets out.

We welcome your feedback on our performance. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@cycleagainstsuicide.com

Full details of our complaints procedure are available at here

  • We commit to being accountable and transparent so that donors can have full confidence in Cycle Against Suicide
  • We promise that we will use your donations effectively
  • Our pledge to our donors is that we promise to treat all of our donors with respect, honest and openness
  • It is important to us as a national charity that relies on the goodwill and generosity of the public in so many ways, to instil a sense of openness, honesty and transparency amongst such valuable donors and supporters
  • It is not enough that we uphold what is expected of us by law but also to provide the best service and show the most respect to our donors

Cycle Against Suicide Disclosure Statement

Cycle Against Suicide is open about whether those seeking donations on its behalf are employees, volunteers or third party agents. Anyone fundraising on behalf of Cycle Against Suicide must ensure that donors are aware of their role in Cycle Against Suicide.

Cycle Against Suicide fundraising and complaints procedure

All feedback on the fundraising work of Cycle Against Suicide is gratefully received. Please read our procedure and do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • In accordance with the previous 2008 Statement of Guiding Principles on Charitable Fundraising (i.e. The Fundraising Principles), and now updated to the Guidelines for Charitable organisations on Fundraising from the Public, (the Guidelines), the Board of Directors of Cycle Against Suicide had adopted the previously ‘Fundraising Principle’s and now updated them to the Charities Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public. A statement to this effect will be issued in its annual report
  • Has a donor charter, which is consistent with the previous ‘Fundraising Principles’ and reflects any changes under the new ‘Guidelines’
  • Regularly monitors compliance with the ‘Guidelines’
  • Considers the previous ‘fundraising principles and now the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public, along with Charities Institute Ireland’s Fundraising Codes when planning all fundraising activities.
  • Has a policy when working with third party fundraisers
  • Provides honest, open and transparent disclosure when fundraising from the public
  • Has appointed a senior members of staff (CEO) to be responsible for compliance with the ‘Guidelines’
  • Ensures that all fundraising staff and volunteers are provided with information on the ‘Guidelines’ and on the Fundraising Codes.
  • Feedback is recorded and reviewed by relevant staff (CEO) and the Board of Directors. – Feedback is responded to promptly and appropriately.
  • Prepares Financial Reports consistent with the requirements of the Charities Act 2009 (and where relevant, the Companies Acts 2014 & 2017), which includes a statement concerning the extent to which control of Cycle Against Suicide is independent of its fundraising sources.
  • Ensures that all donations are tracked and recorded and complies with all data protection (GDPR)
  • Is accessible to the public via telephone, email and website.