The Primary Schools’ Programme ‘Mind Me – Mind You’ is designed in line with the well-being curriculum to support teachers in building the foundations of good mental health education and well-being in children. It fosters the creation of healthy relationships, personal development and skills central to maintaining future health and well-being. 

Childhood marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of development and lays the foundations for positive healthy learning and well-being. Now more than ever, children are dealing with complex challenges which significantly impact their well-being. 

With changes to the well-being curriculum for primary schools, ‘Mind Me – Mind You’ provides teachers with the resources needed to fulfil the new requirements, supporting children’s learning and development in a planned and structured manner. The programme features videos and full lesson plans for all class groups which embed a framework of values, attitudes, understanding and skills in the mindset of children that will inform their decisions and actions which impact social development and personal well-being. 

Aligning with the primary schools’ well-being curriculum, this child-centred programme promotes resilience and social and emotional competence, equipping children with the knowledge and skills needed to address a multitude of life situations throughout their development.

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Mind Me – Mind You’ Primary Schools’ Programme