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Upcoming Training:
June: Mon 10th, Wed 12th & Mon 17th, Wed 19th Spots still available
September: Mon 23rd, Wed 25th & Mon 30th, Wed 2nd Oct – Open now for bookings

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About this course:

The Cycle Against Suicide Community Mental Health Peer-Support Training  (Community Buddy) trains individuals within communities to provide essential mental health support within their own club/association/network.  By equipping participants with step-by-step tools and strategies, the training enables individuals to offer initial support to those who may be struggling or navigating stressful or difficult circumstances.

Participants learn how to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for structured conversations,   where individuals can openly discuss their challenges and work together with the trained peer-mentor to develop effective ways of coping and overcoming obstacles.

This course not only fosters mental health awareness but also actively contributes to suicide prevention efforts by empowering individuals to provide meaningful support within their communities, clubs, or associations.

Participants on the course will learn:

  • Understanding how stress and mental health affect people
  • Learning to spot signs of distress in others
  • Coaching to help others build resilience with positive coping methods
  • Recognizing when professional help is needed and acquiring skills to encourage help seeking behaviour.

Who can do this course?

Our aim is to have a volunteer Peer-Supporter role on the board of every club or association who is available, for a set period of time, to offer peer-support to their peers in their club and association.

To achieve this, we offer our training *free of charge to any volunteers of local community clubs or associations, sports clubs, book clubs, arts clubs, Tidy Towns, Men’s Sheds, Women’s Sheds, Parents’ Associations, Residents’ Associations, and any group dedicated to engaging in their community’s health and wellbeing.

*Free of charge: this training is funded by our Mental Health Peer-Support in the Workplace training
For more information on Peer-Support in the Workplace:

Join Us!

This free* training is delivered online via Zoom from 7-10pm on 4 evenings over 2 weeks.
Note: all 4 training evenings must be attended in order to complete the training. 

For all queries or for more information, please email us directly at:

June: Mon 10th, Wed 12th & Mon 17th, Wed 19th –Spaces still available
September: Mon 23rd, Wed 25th & Mon 30th, Wed 2nd Oct – Open now for bookings

To Register: 

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  • There is no cost to attend but a €20 donation is payable to secure your place. This donation is non-refundable.


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