Inviting All Community Groups and Clubs 

Become a Community Buddy – Train in Peer-Support

  • About the ‘Community Buddy’ Programme

Research shows that the greatest impact is made when support is provided locally by people and organisations who are part of the communities they serve.

Promoting positive coping right at the heart of communities, Cycle Against Suicide’s ‘Community Buddy’ initiative is working to establish a self-help network of peer support into communities across Ireland.  

  • The ‘Community Buddy’ Programme 

The Cycle Against Suicide Buddy Programme prioritises peer-to-peer action as a means to identify and help those who may be vulnerable. Our programme trains and equips participants with the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge they need to deliver support to those in mental health distress in their local communities.   

  • Peer Support in Communities  

Our programme is centred around the structured but supportive peer-to-peer conversation in a safe and non-judgemental space. It focuses on positive coping and allows an individual to discuss how they are coping or not coping and working together to co-produce ways of moving forward to overcome challenges.     

  • As a Buddy, you will be part of our Buddy Community 

Our aim is to build Buddy Communities by providing a community-focused positive mental health platform of resources and training, free of charge, through our ‘Community Buddy’ programme. 

Join Us 

We invite all community groups and local clubs to have a member of their personnel complete our ‘Community Buddy’ training programme.  

This training, delivered over 2 days or 4 evenings, is free of charge  and will equip you to provide much-needed support for those in your community who may be struggling with mental health distress. 

    For individuals who would like to be trained as a Buddy for their community but are not garda vetted with a local club or association, vou can complete Cycle Against Suicide's garda vetting process. Please register full details here
  • This programme comprises 2 full days of training. Please indicate the most suitable training times for you.


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