How to get more from your donation

If you have, or are planning to donate to the Cycle Against Suicide, your gift may be dramatically increased simply by signing a form. If you donate €250 or more in one calendar year and are an Irish tax payer, Cycle Against Suicide can claim tax back on your gift, at no extra cost to you.

That means your signature is worth at least an extra € 112.32!!!

It is now even easier to complete and return your CHY 3 / 4 form. In conjunction with, Cycle Against Suicide is now able to offer this service online. No printing or posting required – just click below!!

Sponsor A Community Buddy for 25 Euro Per Month

For 25 euro a month (300 per year) your donation after tax with be worth €434.78. It costs 400 euro per year to train one Community Buddy. The Cycle Against Suicide ‘Community Buddy’ programme trains personnel in different communities (via local clubs,parishes and associations), to provide strong support for others who are dealing with a mental health issue. Community Buddies are trained to provide a listening ear and show empathy to those in mental health distress. They are taught how to support individuals so they may take positive, resilience- enhancing actions and adopt positive coping strategies. They are instructed on how to identify individuals with significant levels of distress and how to practically manage such situations by mentoring the individual to seek appropriate professional help.

Often people who are on the brink of suicide just need someone they can turn to.  Cycle Against Suicide is working to train and deploy ‘Community Buddies’ across Ireland as quickly as possible, to be a constant support in their local communities. Our aim is to put in place a grassroots network of Buddy support, provided by locals to locals, to be available immediately and most importantly to be free of charge. Your donation of 25 euro per month after Cycle Against Suicide reclaims the tax will allow us to train one buddy to provide valuable lifesaving support in local communities.


Enter the amount you give in a year to see how much your donation could be worth to Cycle Against Suicide with tax rebate