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Workplace Wellbeing Peer-Support Programme

The Cycle Against Suicide Workplace Buddy Training is centered on having a structured but supportive conversation in a safe and non-judgemental space. It allows an individual to discuss how they are coping or not coping and then working together, problem solve and coproduce a plan for the individual to move forward and overcome challenges.

This programme is an intensive, two-day training with an evidence-based approach led by experts in mental health. It is designed for companies to support their employees in navigating stressful or difficult circumstances that could impact their workplace wellbeing.  

What is Peer-Support at the Workplace?
Peer-Support is about people helping people. At the workplace, it allows an employee to discuss how they are coping or not coping and working together with a trained staff peer-mentor to co-produce ways of moving forward to overcome challenges.  Stress and anxiety have been one of the biggest causes of staff absences, with up to half of Irish workers experiencing symptoms. With employees spending much of their day working, WHO recommends that colleagues are best placed to know what is happening in a person’s life. We train colleagues as ‘Workplace Buddies’ and install an environment of Peer-Support mentoring across the entire company, helping staff to help each other.

How can training in Peer-Support help integrate wellbeing into your Workplace?
At its core, Cycle Against Suicide is about ‘people helping people’. Our Workplace Wellbeing Peer-Support Programme operates from a staff-to-staff perspective and is the most efficient way to provide mental health support transversally within your organisation.

Who can train as a Peer-Support Mentor or ‘Workplace Buddy’?
Any personnel who would like to become a trained Peer Support Mentor, or ‘Workplace Buddy’ in their workplace can train on our Workplace Wellbeing Peer-Support Programme, acquiring vital skills in a short space of time.

What will participants learn on our Peer-Support programme?
The Workplace Wellbeing Peer-Support Programme trains personnel within companies to provide support enabling them to have a structured but supportive conversation in a safe and non-judgmental space. Training covers:

  • The mental health continuum
  • Assessing stress levels using a structured schedule
  • Managing distress and recognising more complex symptoms
  • Motivational counselling skills to encourage help seeking behaviour
  • Positive coping strategies, building resilience to anxiety and challenges in positive ways

Participants are instructed on how stress and mental health problems can affect individuals. They are trained in the use of a structured interview schedule to ascertain whether individuals might be experiencing significant levels of distress and on how to practically manage distressed individuals. Participants are trained to mentor individuals to take positive resilience enhancing actions, such as positive coping. They are trained on how to recognise more complex symptoms requiring professional interventions. And, they develop skills based on the principal of motivational interviewing to encourage individuals to speak with a health care professional where necessary.

How is the training delivered and how much does it cost?
This training is delivered online via Zoom allowing a cost of only 400€ per delegate.
Training accredits 13.5 CPD hours.   

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