Cycle Against Suicide are inviting all to ‘TEAM’ up with us in this year’s ‘Lighting of Lights’
Traditionally, a day to honour those who have lost their life to suicide. This year’s Lighting of Lights’ takes on greater meaning with Covid 19 and the toll it’s having on people’s emotionally well-being.
At 8pm on World Suicide Pevention Day, Thursday September 10th, take a moment and join the Lighting of Lights’  to honour those who have died through suicide, those who have lost loved ones to suicide and those battling mental health challenges. This year let’s also honour all Irish people as we stand together, united as one, in empathy, encouragement and support during this enduring times.
TEAM up with us in the ‘Lighting of Lights’ by uploading your pictures on social media and together let us shine bright