The Cycle Against Suicide Buddy – What to expect.

The Cycle Against Suicide Buddy programme is free peer support available to individuals. Peer support is emotional and practical support between two people who share a common experience, and/or lived experiences.  It is founded on respect, shared responsibility and mutual agreement of what is helpful.

The Cycle Against Suicide Buddy provides individuals with a safe and supportive space where they have the opportunity to express themselves freely and be heard without fear of judgement.  It is an avenue through which individuals can share freely how they feel, how they are coping or not coping and what they are doing to help themselves.  With the Cycle Against Suicide Buddy, support is mutually offered, coping strategies are shared and discussed with the focus on learning and moving forward together.  Helping individuals move from one place in life to another which feels better, is the main aim of our Buddy.  Our Buddy programme is built around the following core principles:

– Treating people with dignity and respect
– Being Empathetic
– Proactively listening and exploring helpful options
– Inspiring hope
– Empowering and enabling
– Providing pathways to additional support or help and services if required.

How the Cycle Against Suicide Buddy works.

The Buddy and individual meetup via zoom arranged through Cycle Against Suicide.  Each meeting can last for up to one hour.  This is decided by both the individual and the Buddy.  How often the meetup via zoom takes place, is again decided by the individual and Buddy at their first meeting.  The Buddy is available to the individual for up to a three-month period.

 Are you in need of someone to talk to?  A Buddy is available to you. Take the first step.

(Please note; this service is only available to persons over the age of 18 years.)