Monica Fee

Day 3, Newry to Belfast, I decided I wasn’t doing it, Nope! I’ve nothing to prove, I’m done with this cycling malarkey. I was putting myself on time out as I’d lost control of my head and getting over the hills, they were everywhere. I was also asked to talk at the event and I was doing registration but more importantly I was to be available for a group photo of The Marshalls with our Pink Gilets. I’m ducking and diving trying to multi task, the Pink Gilet photo was a must for me but I’m gutted that I missed it and I’m not sharing it either because I’m huffing.

The sun stayed out all day, everyone was happy, I had a chat from one of the crew in the car on the way to the event about the hills and how they were messing with my head. It’s all in my head, I said, it is, he said, once you find your cadence you will be fine, It made a massive difference, it’s good to talk, little things and ideas spin out of control, the chat in the car with one of the team brought it all back to what it really was, a hill.
Just a hill that many people have climbed before me, I’d like to say I flew over them all but I didn’t, I flew over quite a few of them though. Yip! It’s good to talk.
I did my talk at the lunch break, I was a bit nervous and I think I might have repeated a few things, no doubt it will pop up here somewhere. I’m tired tonight but before I sleep, I’m away to ask he that knows all, Mr Google, where I can find me Cadence.
Ps Thankyou Noel

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Day 3