James Vahey

That time of year again. . where old and new friends come together to help break the stigma around mental health and relay the message that ITS OK NOT TO FEEL OK AND ITS ABSOLUTELY OK TO ASK FOR HELP around the Island of Ireland. .

Today we met in Westmanstown Sports Center to start our journey and we were blessed with the weather, but not only that, we have MAMA CAS watching over us. .
Before we headed on our way, we had a round of applause for her in place of a minutes silence and then took to get road . . . The sun was shining and the craic was good.
We had some students and teachers on board today and the fun I had from just listening to them was great!
In no particular order they had a full blown conversation in Irish, they listed Names of boys from A to Z , Girls A to Z , Countries A to Z, Animals A to Z . . . You get it . . . It was great listening to it and we got to join in from time to time!
Now I mentioned time . . It’s time for sleep . . !!

Thanks again for the Birthday Wishes and Celebrations and the cake !
Over and out . .until Day 2. . . Jimmy V !

Day 1