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by Jim Breen on March 7, 2014

Cycle Against Suicide Volunteer

Greetings friends,

We are delighted to officially unveil the brand, spanking new and shiny Cycle Against Suicide Volunteer Logo. We wanted to develop a dedicated logo for all of our wonderful volunteers, as a way of identifying themselves as part of a group that is the lifeblood of this organisation. This will feature on certificates that will be presented to everyone who volunteers with Cycle Against Suicide in 2014. If you are one of our volunteers, then perhaps you can let people know by taking this image and using it as your Facebook profile pic!

Cycle Against Suicide simply would not be possible without the support and dedication of our incredible volunteers. This logo perfectly encapsulates the volunteer at the heart of our organisation, allowing us to promote our core message, and help us to break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland.

If you haven’t heard from me before, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Colin Bradley, and I’m the Volunteers Officer for Cycle Against Suicide 2014. I am responsible for the recruitment and selection of volunteers and I’m also from the People’s Republic of Cork. Don’t hold that against me, though, not everyone can be as lucky!

The 2014 Cycle Against Suicide will travel around the entire island of Ireland, as part of our efforts to break the cycle of suicide on this island of ours. We are looking for your help in spreading the message that it’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help. With your support, we can save lives. Will you help?

Cycle Against Suicide isn’t just about the cycling either. Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. I have a plethora of opportunities available, including dedicated tea and sandwich makers, motorbike marshals, registration assistants, people to assist with our homestay programme, vehicle drivers and a range of other exciting opportunities, all vital to the smooth running of our event, and all contributing to our attempt to break the cycle of suicide in Ireland.  

I would be delighted to hear from any and all people interested in volunteering with us, please phone +353860144198 or email  Even if you’ve only got an hour or two a week to spare, we would be delighted to have you on board.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland

Happy Cycling!


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