Schools Registration



Cycle Against Suicide is open to participants aged 16 and over but anyone under the age of 18, who has not joined up as part of a school group, must get a parental consent form filled out in advance of their joining the Cycle by a parent or guardian. If you are joining us on the Cycle, please download the form by clicking on the link below, print it off, fill it out and bring it with you when you join us.

Click here to download the Cycle Against Suicide Parental Consent Form


Below are details for schools wishing to register student groups for the Cycle Against Suicide 2014 cycle.

1: Participation is open to any student over the age of 12 on the day he/she is cycling.

2: The cost per student participating is €5.  The registration cost covers entry to the cycle, and insurance cover during the cycle.

3: Cycle Against Suicide T-Shirts are available for purchase at the time of registration for €4 each (so total registration for these students is €9).

4: If students want to get Cycle Against Suicide Cycling jerseys as part of their registration, then the total cost for this registration type is €20.

5: Each school should register their group in one submission via this link.

6: Cheque Payment for the group is to be made to the Cycle Against Suicide registration team on the day of the cycle.

7: As part of the registration submission the teacher submitting will be required to confirm that:

  • all students above have submitted parental (guardian) consent
  • all students are familiar with the Partcipation guidelines
  •  all students are at a level of fitness that will enable them to participate at a speed of 20km per hour

8: Registration submissions should be made by April 12th, which will ensure that numbers can be allocated in advance of cycle day.

9: Any queries regarding the above should be directed to


Schools must register using the link noted at point 4, and not through the ‘Register Now’ link on the site