The Project Theme for 2016/17 is ‘Share The Journey’

  1. All students aiming for Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador School status in 2017 will create a project around the theme ‘Share The Journey.’
  1. The project can be as small or as large scale as is manageable within each school’s own context. All efforts are acceptable as long as the project has impact and helps promote positive mental health.
  1. All schools attending the Student Leaders’ Congress (SLC) at University of Limerick (UL) will be invited to showcase a project on the day that they attend.

Primary Sponsor:

  1. Submissions for Congress should be sent to Cycle Against Suicide no later than Friday, December 9th, 2016.  Project entries (or project descriptors in the case of artefacts) should be mailed to
  1. Video submissions should be submitted in soft copy MP4. Please ensure that there is good sound quality, HD quality and that the video length does not exceed 150 seconds.
  1. Ambassador Schools that are not showcasing at Congress can complete their project at any time before the closing date for Ambassador School applications, Friday, May 12th, 2017.
  1. Schools attending Congress that are not Ambassador Schools are not obliged to submit a project.
  1. If you are registered for Congress and would like to become a Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador School, please read more HERE:


Things to consider:

  • Is this a whole class or small group project?
  • Will the project idea sustain the interest of students over a number of weeks?
  • Are there sufficient roles within the project plan to engage all members of the class or group?
  • What resources will be required?
  • What timescale do you have in order to prepare and complete the project?
  • What are the talents/skills within the class group?
  • How will you transport the project to UL, if attending the SLC?


  • Begin early: It is never too early to start
  • Brainstorm concepts around the theme ‘Share the Journey’
  • It is preferable that the students decide on the idea (with guidance) as this will give them more ownership of the project
  • Set the bar high and create the best possible project for your school
  • Let the creativity flow: while it can be helpful to look at the types of projects presented in previous years, every year students come up with new and exciting ideas
  • Break the project down into manageable sections
  • Encourage students to take on different roles while collaborating
  • Adopt a cross-curricular approach if possible involving as many subject areas as possible e.g. art, woodwork, music
  • Have students work in small groups, or pairs, whenever possible on different elements of the project
  • Build momentum as the Congress date approaches
  • Use social media to raise awareness for the project. Tag @CASuicide and use the hashtag #ShareTheJourney so that other schools and followers can see your progress
  • Have a showcase opportunity or launch
  • Celebrate achievement and success

Some ideas from previous years:

  • A video
  • A Poster Campaign
  • A Performance: Song/Dance/Drama/Rap/composition
  • A survey
  • A piece of Art – a wall mural, a sculpture, a collage, photography
  • A Blog
  • A website,
  • An app
  • A book of reflections
  • A positivity tree
  • Mindfulness Programme
  • Reflexology
  • A gratitude wall
  • A photo story of activities
  • A human sculpture
  • Helpline lists e.g. know your numbers cards
  • A well-being kit
  • An information notice board
  • A Newsletter
  • Mental health awareness initiatives – school-based
  • Fun run/stationary cycle

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Ambassador School Co-ordinator:

Good luck!