Project Description

About SoSad

Simon Moroney was lost to suicide in May 2003. Even though Simon had been suffering from depression, or bi-polar disorder, since the end of 2001, we were still completely shocked that Simon took his own life. Simon was a wonderful son and part of our family. He was by no way perfect, but we all loved him.

We discovered at the time that the support and aid for people in our situation was severely lacking. So we decided to take action.

All of our efforts go to help others affected by suicide. We really want to reach those in distress or at risk from suicide before any attempt as we believe that we have the skills and resources to help them, but we are equally as willing to offer our full support to those who have attempted suicide as well as those who have unfortunately been bereaved by suicide and are trying to live though the same difficulties we faced. If you or anyone you know could do with our help, then please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.

The research indicated, and still does, that there is a huge amount of people dying by suicide in Ireland every year. Even worse is that the actual statistics may well be underestimated due to the amount of undetermined deaths recorded every year. There are suggestions and evidence (Irish Water Safety) that these are actually suicides. Secondly it is clear that there is a distinct lack of resources committed to this tragedy by our Government and the Health Service Executive. We discovered this when Simon was still alive but we mistakenly thought that our case was the exception rather than the rule. Still the Government seems to be doing nothing.

So with the help of my sons, Wayne and Lee, as well as my wife Valerie we began to see how best we can help the fight against suicide. We decided on SOSAD, a new charity aimed at increasing awareness of suicide in Ireland, as well as getting rid of the stigma attached to it.

Thank you for visiting out site and hopefully it was of some help to you. If you are unfortunate enough to know someone who has already died by suicide then you might like to enter something about them on our tribute page or even read what others have written. Whatever goes on this page will stay as a permanent memorial to the people included and may also prove to be a comfort to all of us. Thanks again and remember that There is Always Hope and that together we will start to reduce the number of our loved ones who feel compelled to take their own lives.