Project Description

What can SeeChange do for you?

SeeChange are a national movement to change minds about mental health problems and end stigma, one conversation at a time. Email

What can See Change do for you?
See Change is all about bringing people together through social contact and breaking down the stigma associated with mental health problems. See Change will help you to get involved in, or organise local and regional activities across the country to help change minds about mental health problems in Ireland.

Who can contact See Change?
Absolutely anyone can get in touch at See Change are delighted to hear from everyone. You can share your ideas and you will be supported in any way possible.

What Happens when you contact See Change?
Depending on the type of query, a See Change volunteer will arrange a meeting or signpost you to the correct service.

See Change will work with you to help change minds about mental health problems in your area. There are a number of different options available.

  • See Change will support you in organising, or getting involved in local and regional activities, with advice, campaign materials, and resources.
  • Inform your staff and members about mental health stigma and discrimination, and provide workplace training for line managers.
  • Empower people with mental health problems to share their experiences and take action to reduce stigma and discrimination by becoming a See Change ambassador.

See Change also runs the Green Ribbon campaign every May to encourage conversation about mental health. These ribbons are provided free of charge to spark a national conversation about mental health in boardrooms, break-rooms, chat rooms, clubhouses, arts venues, college campuses and around kitchen tables throughout Ireland. Our aim is to make the month of May every year synonymous with promoting open conversation of mental health and challenging the stigma of mental health problems.