Project Description


Based in Dublin, NOW-MEDIA specialise in creating content (Photos, video’s, interview, vlog) LIVE at events, we capture the essence of an event behind the scenes, interviewing attendees or speakers, grabbing that interview in the hallway, seeing every opportunity to create authentic content – capturing a smile, a reaction, and when we leave the event our content is already online!

WHY – Because tomorrow is TOO late, we believe the engagement is “NOW”.
We are not looking for the best, posed photo, we are looking for the “NOW” photo/video that captures the moment, that we can publish straight away and maximise engagement with the audience in real time. We become part of the event and develop a trust with the audience, which makes them relaxed with us, comfortable to open up and share their story. Our biggest asset is our human connection.

We are not just capturing the moment, we are seeing it’s potential for immediate engagement online, our team are not just creators we are passionate about both social media and content creation.

Our goal is to maximise your online engagement, enhancing brand awareness and generating traction all while the event is still LIVE.

We create a stock of content to promote your future events