2019 Main Cycle

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Online for Registration on our 2019 Annual Cycle has now closed. 

Should you wish to join us for any part of the 2019 Annual Cycle please arrive at either the morning or lunch registration times outlined in the link below 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

2019 Cycle Route – Please check local  information for exact start and finish points.

The Cycle will take place from the 27th of April to the 6th of May 2019. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Using pedal power to promote a conversation about mental health, this annual event is a movement of cyclists of all abilities and backgrounds. Family, friends, work colleagues and total strangers come together to publicly raise awareness throughout towns and communities across Ireland that mental illness is accepted like any other illness and help is real.  It is vital that we work together to change the way mental illness is viewed. Let us learn to see the person and not the illness.  We encourage all to get involved. Help us empower those who are suffering by promoting our message: ‘It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help’. 

We ask that you lend your support during this event to help promote change within your community by joining with us in any capacity during our main cycle.

Rates for the Cycle

Full Rate

€35 – One Day

€65 – 2 – 5 Days

€97- 6 – 10 Days


€25 – One Day

€40 – 2 – 5 Days

€55 – 6 – 10 Days

Cycle Against Suicide 2019 Main Cycle – Cyclist’s Information Pack

This pack contains key information given to cyclists to aid them preparing for Cycle Against Suicide 2019. It helps ensure you have a successful, fun and enjoyable cycle with us, please ensure that you read this pack carefully.

You can access the 2019 cyclists information pack here.

• Section 1: Pre-Cycle Information
• Section 2: Homestay Information
• Section 3: Cycle Registration Information
• Section 4: Cycle Route Timetable
• Section 5: Cycling Tips

Help us fundraise: This year we are hoping that those cycling with us will help us fundraise for our Schools’ Programme. According to UNICEF’s latest report card on child well-being, Ireland has the fourth highest teen suicide rate in the EU region. The report further shows that in younger teens, aged 11-15, more than 22% report having experienced two or more psychological symptoms more than once a week.

Cycle Against Suicide is working with secondary schools across the island of Ireland, North and South, introducing an evidence-based Schools’ Programme.  This contact education programme trains students to be mental health champions. It educates students on the mental health continuum, offers hope and builds resilience in students. The course is delivered at post-primary level across the island of Ireland.  All funds raised from our main cycle are invested in the delivery of this programme.

Please click on the button below to access our fund raising website:

Fund raise for Cycle against Suicide


Click here to register for the 2019 cycle. “It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.”


The Route Schedule and Map 2019 are now official!! The main cycle takes place from Saturday 27 April 2018 – Monday 6 May 2019 (bank holiday).


Central to the success of Cycle Against Suicide is the Homestay Programme. People throughout our island welcome participants of the event into their home

Cycle Against Suicide