Cycle Against Suicide is an official Gaisce Challenge Partner!

In recognition of the great fit between Cycle Against Suicide and Gaisce – The President’s Award, Cycle Against Suicide has become an official Gaisce Challenge Partner.

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Potential Opportunities for participants to be Involved:

Physical Recreation:
Participants can use cycling as their physical recreation section in preparation for the actual Cycle Against Suicide, one hour a week for the number of weeks required to fulfill their Award: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Community Involvement:
With support from their Pal/ Gap, participants can volunteer their time to promote Cycle Against Suicide in their Gap and wider community and help assist the adult Cycle Against Suicide volunteers, activities could include: fundraising, promotional notice board in Gap, organizing speakers, awareness campaigns on mental health issues etc.

Personal Skill
A participant can use their involvement with Cycle Against Suicide as a personal skill. If they were to be involved in the social media/website/promotional/leadership/organizational side that would involve at least one hour a week for the required no of weeks for their relevant award.

Venture Journey:
Participants with the support of their Pal can use Cycle Against Suicide for the venture journey section of their award
2 days/1 night- Bronze
3 days/2 nights- Silver
4 days/3 nights- Gold

To fulfill this section in accordance with Gaisce criteria, a risk assessment, accommodation and meal planning would have to be documented fully.

Gold Participants may use Cycle Against Suicide for the Residential Section of their award if they have approval from their Pal.