Events FAQs

What is Events Against Suicide?
Events Against Suicide is an initiative which aims to further promote our message : It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help. It is a week – long programme of activities allowing individuals and organisations (including but not limited to corporate, school and sporting groups) to organise an event to promote the Cycle Against Suicide message and to help us extend our reach by accessing new groups and communities.

Ellen Ryan and Chloe Reilly, of St Raphaelas host a cake sale in aid of Cycle Against Suicide Events with Jim Breen, Ashling Thompson and Ray D'Arcy

When will it take place?
Events Against Suicide will focus activities during World Suicide Prevention Week each year during September. In 2016, Events Against Suicide takes place between Monday, September 5th and Sunday, September 11th.

Why is it happening?
We lose 800 people to suicide each year on the island of Ireland. We want to draw on the combined goodwill of communities all over the island of Ireland to use their skills and creativity to raise awareness and spread our message: it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

I’d like to host an event, what do I have to do?
GREAT! All you have to do is register your event by following this link! We will liaise with you as you organise your event and provide support throughout the process.

What type of events can be organised?
We are always inspired by the creativity of communities throughout the island of Ireland. Any event that promotes our message in a positive, safe and healthy manner will be considered: a concert, a dance-off, a sing-a-thon, a bake-off, a zumbathon, a football match, a swim, a talk, a knit-a-thon – the sky’s the limit!

What help can I get from Cycle Against Suicide?
We will promote your event on our website and on Social Media where we have over 42k followers. We can also provide event posters to help you with your promotion locally.

I can’t host an event in September but would still like to be involved?
This is absolutely fine.  Events can be organised all year long, we simply concentrate our activities during World Suicide Prevention Week.

Do I need to fundraise?
This is not necessary as it is an awareness raising initiative. However, we would be very grateful of any donations or sponsorship you can raise to help support the work of Cycle Against Suicide. To assist your fundraising efforts, Cycle Against Suicide will provide you with 5 free t-shirts,  sponsorship cards and posters

I want to volunteer locally, what do I need to do?
THANKS! We are always in need of help locally. Please email for more information.

What other merchandise is available for sale?
T-shirts are available at a cost of €10 each and wristbands can be sold at €2.

Where do I register my event?
You can register your event by following this link. Once you register, a member of our team will be in touch.