Welcome to the Bootcamps section of our site, where you’ll find a wide variety of information on how to best prepare for Cycle Against Suicide. Remember, cyclists of all abilities take part in this incredible event so don’t think that Cycle Against Suicide is only for experienced cyclists. If you’re willing to commit to a reasonable amount of training on a consistent basis then there’s no reason you can’t do the entire two weeks!.

Our bootcamps coordinator Niall Kerley has been writing a blog, featuring tips and advice on how to get ready for participating in Cycle Against Suicide. Click here to read some of Niall’s entries. If you are interested in writing a blog entry of your own on how your training is going, we’d love to read it as a guest blog entry. Send your pieces to

Niall has also put together three different training programmes for beginner, intermediate and experienced cyclists. Click here to download the training programmes along with an introductory message from Niall on which programme is right for you. For students that would like to participate in Cycle Against Suicide 2014, there’s also a special training programme which can be downloaded by clicking here. Throughout each of the programmes, Niall uses terms such as ‘easy’, ‘steady’ and ‘hard’ to describe the effort level you should be at for particular exercises. To make sure you are clear on what each effort level requires from you, we’ve put together an explanatory chart which can be downloaded here.