Bootcamp Blog Part Five – Guest Blogger

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Today’s guest blog is written by Joyce Gavin, of Body Firm Pilates. Joyce discusses some methods for attaining the postural endurance to cope with being in the cycling position for long periods. If you scroll down you’ll find a video featuring Joyce performing some of the exercises that she describes in her blog post.

Hi there, my name is Joyce Gavin, of BODYFIRM Studios and, like you, I am taking to the roads this year for Cycle Against Suicide 2014. I have over 30 years experience in the Mind Body Wellness / Fitness industry and to assist all you riders who will be taking part in the fantastic Cycle Against Suicide, I have put together a programme that offers a training solution to the joint stiffness and ‘postural creep’ that may affect you as you train.

By participating in this simple programme, you will help your  joints stay more mobile and aligned, and your body to stay open, flexible and less susceptible to overuse injuries. To get the maximum effect, consistency is the key and I have kept the routines short so you can incorporate them into your existing cycling routine.

The programme is available to download as a PDF file at the end of this article. It tackles three main areas,  mobility, flexibility  and Yin postures. To assist you with the first section, I’ve included a video below that features me performing some of the mobility exercises. If you need further tips or advice on this program or with to discuss your training you can send me an email to To everyone that is taking to the roads in 2014 for this fantastic cause – I wish you all the very best.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland. 



Download Joyce’s Programme Here

Movie from J Gavin on Vimeo.Vimeo.


Disclaimer – This program is not a substitute for sound medical advice – always consult with your Doctor before performing this or any exercise routine. The creators and participants  of this program do not assume liability for injury or loss in connection with this exercise / flexibility program and instructions therein.